Personal Insurance- Cover for our evolving lives.

As we age we all go through the major stages of our lives like getting educated, moving out from our parents’ home, getting employed, getting married, buying a home, having children and so forth. It is vital to review your insurance cover when you go through each of these stages. The cover you obtained a couple of years ago may no longer address your current situation.
When you are considering insurance it is important to have someone who will help you precisely evaluate your current situation and also look at what policy updates you need to make going forward to ensure you and your family are financially protected against all possible risks.
Ranjit Menon can do this for your family. I have years of experience in dealing with Life cover, total permanent disability cover and income protection cover. Sudden unexpected loss of income can affect any of us at any time. Always remember that your most important asset is your ability to earn an income. I can help you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is financially protected.
Send me an email or call to discuss. I am happy to discuss your family’s needs with you. Consultation is obligation free and there is no pressure whatsoever.
The types of cover available include the following.

Life Insurance

This is an essential cover for anyone with financial obligations and debt. It provides a lump sum pay-out to your loved ones when you are gone. All the debts of your estate are cleared and your loved ones can carry on their lives without any disruption or financial stress.


Trauma & Critical illness cover

This cover will insure you in the event you suffer a critical illness. This cover will ensure that finance is not a barrier when you are in a health crisis. You can use the funds for a purpose of your choice.


Health Insurance

There is simply no need to suffer on a long waiting list when you have the means to obtain top quality specialist treatment at the time and place you really need it. Health insurance is not necessarily an expensive purchase. The earlier in life you put it in place the cheaper it will work out to be.


Income protection

If you had a machine in your garage that generated and annual income of 50-100K would you not insure it? Your ability to earn is just that machine. It is you most prized asset. Income protection cover will guarantee your family a regular income when your salary stops for any reason at all.