Fire and general insurance

Your home is likely to be the single biggest asset you will ever buy. It makes sense to have it fully insured from all risks. Your home contents and your car comeĀ  a close second. Talk to us about Fire and general insurance and discuss your options.

Home insurance

Comprehensive housed insurance will provide cover to replace or restore your home to an as new condition up to the amount you specified under your sum insured. Specific insurance tailored to Landlords is also available. .

Motor vehicle insurance

Get the right type of motor vehicle cover to give you peace of mind whenever you get behind the wheel. When your car is damaged in an accident, motor vehicle insurance helps you get back on the road as soon as possible by either repairing or replacing your vehicle. There are three levels of cover available. Call us today to discuss options.

Contents insurance

Cover all your valuable belongings including furniture, sports gear, jewelry and technology. You can choose the level of cover you require. You can choose between getting replacements new for old or simply to cover the dollar value of your possessions.